Lenses have many application ranging from the simple collection of the scanning of laser beams to precise imaging and image transfer. 
 Our lenses are made of crystals and optical glasses such as sapphire, ZnSe, germanium, silicon, fused silica, CaF2, MgF2, Schott glass BK7 etc.
1.) Plano-convex lens

2.) Plano-concave lens

3.) Bi-convex lens

4.)Bi-concave lens

5.) meniscus lens


8.)Cylindrical lens


Featured lenses:
Germanium lenses; Silicon lenses 
Working wavelength: 3-5um or 8-14um
Dimension tolerance: +0.0/ -0.2mm  
Thickness tolerance: +/ -0.2mm  
Surface accuracy: λ/2
Surface quality: 60/40
high precision big sized BK7 lenses, fused silica lenses

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