1). Right angle prism
Right angle prism is deviating or deflecting a beam of light with 90° or 180°.It is often used in telescope, periscope and other optical system. We also can supply laser grade right angle prism.
High precision right angle prism
Material: Schott glass BK7
Size tolerance : +0.0/ -0.2mm  
Surface accuracy : λ/4@632.8nm 
angle tolerance : +/ -30”
C.A. : 90%

2). Penta prism
You can use the penta prism to deviate images by 90 degree without inverting or reversing. There is a 90degree constant deviation for all the rays transmitted by the useful aperture. It is commonly used in Plumb Level, Surveying, Alignment, Rangefinding and Optical Tooling.
Material: Schott glass BK7 
Deviation angler: 90°±3" 
size tolerance : ± 0.15mm  
Surface accuracy : λ/4( reflective surface), λ/2 (transmission surface)
S.D. : 40/20 
C.A. : 90%

3). Beamsplitter penta prism
By adding a wedge with partial refractive coating, it can be used as a beamsplitter. We often can find it used in Plumb Level, Surveying, Alignment, Rangefinding and Optical Tooling.


4). Roof prism
It can invert and reverse an image, also, deflect the image 90° . Therefore, it is often used in terrestrial telescopes, viewing systems and rangefinders.
Material: Schott glass BK7
Size tolerance: ± 0.15mm
Roof Angle tolerance: ±5″ (limits: ±3″)
wave distortion : λ/4 ( 632nm )
S.D. : 60/ 40
C.A. : 90 %

5). Dove prism
The main application is used as rotator ; another application is used as a retroreflector.


6).Corner cube prism
It is often used to the distance measurement, optical signal process and laser interferometer.
Material: Schott glass BK7 
Size tolerance: +/ -0.15mm  
Surface accuracy: λ/4@632.8nm 
S.D. : 60/ 40
C.A. : >85%

7).Wedge prism
It is used as beamsteering elements in optical system.

8).Dispersion prism    

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